Our Learnings On Change Leadership

Our Learnings On Change Leadership2022-05-27T13:39:35+10:00

Hey there!

We’ve found that Change Leadership is an endless pursuit.

So to help you with your own journey, here’s a collection of our own notes, thoughts and learnings.

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Most Popular Posts On Change Leadership

Bite Size Reflection

On Slaying Dragons

We all love to slay dragons. It’s hard, exciting and we love to tell everyone about it for years afterwards. …Give your team dragons to slay.

On Clarity

Uncertainty is the most common reason behind change that sucks. So, if you want to lead a change that people respect - prioritise clarity.

On ‘Transformation’

The term transformation implies an end state. Yet, for many businesses there is no end - just now, and where you want to go next.

Latest Posts On Change Leadership

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