Our Learnings On Change Leadership

Our Learnings On Change Leadership2022-05-27T13:39:35+10:00

Hey there!

We’ve found that Change Leadership is an endless pursuit.

So to help you with your own journey, here’s a collection of our own notes, thoughts and learnings.

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Most Popular Posts On Change Leadership

Bite Size Reflection

Get Things Done

I’m not so naïve to think that things happen without internal organisational politics, but at some stage stuff simply has to get done.

Fake Consultation

If your ‘consultation process’ isn’t going to change the outcome, Why bother consulting? You’re better off spending the time and effort (rapidly) showing that you were right.

Emotional Change

When you’re driving change - don’t fear emotion. Emotion indicates interest and care. It’s indifference that you should be wary of.

Latest Posts On Change Leadership

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