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Cool Idea, But It’ll Never Work Here

By |2023-11-22T20:25:40+10:00November 22nd, 2023|Change Leader Weekly, Valuable Leadership|

It's funny how often this: ⚠️“For this new project, we’re going to send you on some training so you can make sure we’re following best practice”.. becomes: 🚩 “Wow it’s going to cost $5.5k and take you offline for a week? Is there a lower level course? - 3 days at $3.5k?. Ok, let’s do that one” which then becomes: 🚩 “I know you’ve got your course next week, but this has just come up. I’ll need you to be accessible through it so we can sort this out.” then: 🚩Third Red Flag: “Ok, now you’re back on deck, I need you to quickly get this briefing sorted, the operating report done, and go chat to the delivery teams". …and yet we're surprised nothing changes.