To Ponder: Bringing The WHY In

95% of the change initiatives I’ve seen across my career define a WHY, create the solution and then get about delivering. (Although, these steps are often done in the reverse order… but that’s another conversation). Those leading these initiatives then act surprised when what was delivered doesn’t always meet the organisation’s or customer’s needs.

The opposite to this is a concept that I call ‘Bringing The WHY In’ – which involves finding ways incorporate the WHY into the mechanics of delivery.

Here’s one such example – when running a reflection session (lessons learned, retrospectives, learning journeys, etc.), have someone in the team wear the ‘WHY’ hat. This person will represent the WHY in the room – championing what went well and what didn’t from the customer’s perspective that fortnight.

It’s simple, relatively pain free, and creates a new WHY-driven voice in the room.

…And of course, that’s just one avenue.

How can you Bring The WHY Into your change?