To Action: Creating Unity

Most people are aware of the work of Robert Cialdini, and his bestseller ‘Influence’. Most people are also aware of the 6 principles of influence that are outlined in that book: Reciprocity, Commitment, Social proof, Authority, Liking and Scarcity.

But it’s Cialdini’s 7th principle that’s interesting. It’s added in one of his later books: Pre-Suasion. The 7th principle of influence, Cialdini claims, is Unity. More specifically, unity represents being ‘one of us’.

To give you a sense of the power that this kind of influence wields, in 1941 the Nazi-allied Japanese were questioning a Jewish scholar on whether or not to adopt the Nazi’s policies towards the Jewish in Japan. This scholar’s response was simple, yet immensely powerful:

“We are Asians, just like you”.

The Japanese General’s response made the result of the influence clear: “No harm will come to you or your people in Japan”.

Unity is powerful. So here’s your call to action for the week:

How can you leverage the unity that already exists in your change cohorts?

There are multiple points of existing connection within your organisations. That is a well of influential unity just waiting to be tapped.