One of the Biggest Predictors of Project Success is Value Clarity – here’s how to test for it.

(Short and sweet this week.)

When it comes to projects, without value clarity you can’t rally your team or win stakeholders, you can’t explain why the project is needed and you can’t tell if you actually succeeded.

Clarity is damn important.

So here’s a super quick test to see if your project has meaningful value clarity in just 30 seconds: create a project hypothesis.

Fill in the Blanks

Here’s how to build your project hypothesis:

If we do x <project scope>, then we expect improvements in y <real, measurable thing> that we will tangibly see by z <date>.

If you can’t answer x, y or z, or if you fill it out and then on read-back it doesn’t pass the pub test (i.e., it doesn’t seem fair and reasonable), then you have a clarity issue.

If you can answer all three elements, go and ask your project teams to do so too (individually), then compare answers.

The best clarity is shared clarity.

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