To Action: Intentionally Choose Your Environment

This week I was able to move back into the Valuable Change Co. office for a couple days a week. What I was amazed at was how much additional business momentum I was able to build in just those 2 days.

I did in 2 days what would’ve taken me all week at home.

That’s the power of a dedicated space – the VC Co. office is set up entirely for building and running the business. In contrast, my home office is multifunctional. The same space I do podcast interviews in, is the same that I write these newsletters, which is the same that I play virtual table top games with my friends at the end of long weeks.

Flexibility of working times and space is the huge catch-cry of the last couple of years. Stories of being able to have breakfast with the kids just before jumping onto the morning stand-up, or quickly running a load of washing between meetings all show the potential benefit of this flexibility.

This is great. But here’s what better.

Evaluate the environments you are able to work from. Public, office, commercial, private.

Then actively select and change your environment to suit your work for that day or hour.

Do you need to be Creative? Go somewhere colourful, and perhaps a little noisy.

Client-centred? Be around people.

Logical? Find a quiet, ordered space.

Strategic? Go somewhere with a long-view, or up high.

In other words – be intentionally flexible.

Reactive flexibility is just being busy.