To Reflect: Protecting Change Momentum At Home

As I type this, most of the country is either in lockdown or has closed borders with those that are. Some of those in lockdown have now clocked over 200 days over the last 18 months, others are in their 9th week straight with no end in sight.

Maintaining momentum in these conditions is hard. High Change Momentum is found at the intersection of Hope and Energy – both of which are impacted by these difficult set of circumstances.

Yet it’s not impossible. Only yesterday I was speaking to a director of a superstar project in Victoria who maintained team momentum internationally despite the regular lockdown disruptions. A large part of this success was immense clarity of the change he was leading and in-built processes that protected both the hope and energy of his teams.

So, this week, take a mental stocktake.

How’s the hope and energy within your change team’s looking?