To Ponder: Shaping Your New Year

Let’s talk cultural messaging. In particular – what are you doing this month to set the tone for your next 6?

Hopefully not this…

The organisation of a client of mine has been facing budget pressures for several months now. Projects were being shutdown, and everyone knew that resourcing was under review months ago. (Yes, I’m sure you can see where this is going) – guess when they decided to give notice to all those no longer needed staff members?

2 weeks before Christmas.

Oh and good luck finding a new gig anytime before late-Feb due to scheduled Christmas shutdowns.

It’s the classic: “Merry Christmas, don’t come back in the new year”.

Or as Kevin McCallister would say: “Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal

These leaders prioritised their own end-of-year peace of mind over that of their staffs’.

There is of course an alternative here.

I’ve been collectively working with many leaders in my network on how to boost change leadership across their teams in the new year. January brings with it a renewed sense of purpose and a clean mental slate. It’s a great time to shape the actions that you need to drive your next change successfully.

So this week, reflect:

What actions are you taking now to set the tone for your new year?