Here’s A Wild Idea: Listen to Wise People

Through almost an accident I’ve found myself with two different coaches at the same time. One to help me lift heavier things and another to help me make better videos. What’s interesting is what happened this week: they both shared little gems of wisdom with me.

The first gem: “on days when you just don’t feel like it – something is better than nothing. The art of consistency isn’t about perfection – but rather about moving forward despite imperfection”

The second gem: “When you’re taking on a new thing – encourage yourself with kindness. Start with the intention of doing fifteen takes in a row in one phrase, just like you’d expect to repeat a piano phrase fifteen times to start learning it properly. Treat repetition as training, not failure.”

Both are quite simple, but both incredibly useful. And both came into play for me in various ways this week. The point here is that the vast majority of us (myself very often included here) think that we should just push through by ourselves, on our own accord. After all “we can do it” – right?

But how often do we step back and reflect on the sheer arrogance of that statement. Sure we absolutely can do it ourselves – but should we?? And at what cost?

In a time when we are all more connected than ever before, why are you not employing across your life the wisdom of those who are masters of their domain?

I certainly plan to moving forward.

Something To Ponder: Perpetual Pet Problems

As a change leader – want to know the fastest way to raise a group’s opinion of you?

Figure out what is often complained about but never resolved – and then resolve it!

The crazy thing is that it’s not often something big – it’s usually just little annoyances. 85% of the time it’s related to one of two things:

  • Too much or too little communication (e.g. unnecessary meetings or corporate ‘black boxes’), or
  • Inefficient repetition (unnecessary forms or reports).

That’s it.

If you can find ways to talk more (or less), and use information more efficiently then you’ve just fostered a group of change allies – a very valuable asset indeed!

What are the perpetual pet problems in your teams?