To Action: Start Something

In discussion with friends and clients, when I mention my book for the first time, I get one of three responses:

“Where’d you find the time to write that”

“I could never do that”, and

“I’ve been thinking about writing a book”.

I’ve written about the first one before, but it’s the third that’s been more common lately.

Well, to that I want to suggest a little more stoic wisdom. Seneca this time.

“Putting things off is the biggest waste of life: it snatches away each day as it comes, and denies us the present by promising the future. The greatest obstacle to living is expectancy, which hangs upon tomorrow, and loses today. You are arranging what lies in Fortune’s control, and abandoning what lies in yours. What are you looking at? To what goal are you straining? The whole future lies in uncertainty: live immediately.”

― Seneca

If not now, when?

I’m looking forward to reading what you create.