The 12 Commandments for Valuable Change.

Upfront, spend more time than you expect on:

  1. Quantifying the context,
  2. Clarifying and agreeing the Why, and
  3. Defining the Proof (i.e. metrics).

Then, while delivering:

4. Get your ego out of it.

5. Make decisions quickly by reducing emotion and increasing information.

6. Don’t ask for information twice (or more!)

7. Measuring progress isn’t measuring success → do both, simply.

8. Change momentum starts with your project teams, so spend time and money building them up.

9. Raise capability, don’t police.

And, when changing others:

10. It’s about them, not you. They don’t care about you. So, frame your communications accordingly.

11. Humans only avoid pain if it’s not worth it for them. So minimise the pain and maximise the reward.

12. If you need change champions – ignore those that volunteer → pick people that are nominated by their peers instead.

And A Quick Note: On Perfection

Anything ‘good enough’ is by definition, not perfect.

‘Good’ creates momentum.

Perfection destroys it.

My week of sharpening the saw is coming to an end. The key learning from the week: this time is crucial and needs to be proactively planned into every work period.

So, if anyone is currently doing this – I’d love to hear your approach for doing so!

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