The Message That The Universe Is Telling Me This Week: Volume Baby!

“When You’re Tired of Saying It, They’re Only Just Starting To Hear It” – is a quote by Jeff Weiner, ex-CEO and now exec chairman of LinkedIn, and apparently the universe wants me to hear it this week. In 3 different sources, from 3 different authors, that line was quoted.

In short – you’re likely not communicating enough. People are busy, life is noisy, and frankly they don’t care about the project as much as you do. (Plus, apparently 30% to 70% of failed transformations are attributed to communication-related issues)

So how much communication is enough? – …Well are you sick of ‘the message’ yet?

How much is enough?

As I’m prone to do – let’s take a look at what’s the norm within the world of sales and marketing. It’s commonly touted that “it takes 8 touchpoints to make a sale”.

Yes, 8. – Are you communicating with your target stakeholders at least 8 times over the course of your project/program?

However, when you dive a little deeper, the reality is a little more nuanced. That 8 is an average. According to sales-expert Jeb Blount, the actual number of touchpoints can vary widely depending on the customer’s familiarity with the brand. Which can be better understood like the below:

  • Inactive customer: 1-3 touches
  • Familiar prospect in buying window: 1-5 touches
  • Familiar prospect not in buying window: 3-10 touches
  • Warm inbound lead: 5-12 touches
  • Somewhat familiar prospect: 5-20 touches
  • Cold prospect: 20-50 touches

So, the question for you this week is a simple reflection.

How cold is your target audience? → how much do they trust you and your project team’s brand?

And then ask yourself, are you communicating enough?

PS. A touchpoint doesn’t have to mean a meeting or email. It can be a poster. A screensaver. A snippet in a newsletter. Or it can be townhalls, workshops and conferences. It’s all of those things.

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Final thoughts

I mentioned a few weeks ago that big changes were coming… well here’s the next snippet for those of you that read these things all the way to the end.

See you all next week.