Change Leaders are made, not born.

The art of Change Leadership

People often ask – what is Change Leadership?

After all, strong Change Leadership it’s the key difference between changes that succeed, and those that fail. But first, let’s take a quick look at what it isn’t.

Change Leadership isn’t the development of organisational strategy. That is, well, strategy.

Change Leadership isn’t project management. Project management is the tactical management of the doing. Project managers are everywhere.

Change Leadership isn’t benefit or stakeholder management either, two areas that often get stuck in the weeds.

No, Change Leadership is unbelievably rare.

Change Leadership is putting the key change pieces together to drive clarity, increase momentum, leverage strategic influence and ultimately, drive valuable change.

And this is something we help with.

We help you and your leadership group become Change Leaders.

Brendon Baker Speaking Valuable Change

Change Leadership is our passion. Rather than relying on traditional change techniques that often fall short in today’s organisations, we at the Valuable Change Co. deliver proven strategies for immediate and lasting results. We draw from the latest research in persuasion, behaviour, psychology, networks (and more) and translate them into approachable content-rich programs that Educate, Inspire and Deliver Results.

To ensure our programs produce results, all include customisation to meet your most pressing change needs. This unique approach ensures higher engagement and a greater uptake of techniques and strategies that translate into real success.

Based on how humans grow

A common question we all face is How Do We Sustainably Increase Capability?

Before we can address this question, we need to understand the nature of how we humans grow and progress. To answer this, let’s take a look at the Australian stock market. In its whole, the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) represents both the cumulative investment decisions of over 7 million people and the totality of growth of the largest Australian businesses. For this reason alone, the ASX is a unique representation of human growth – but there’s a further bonus – the market is regularly priced. This means we can graphically plot collective human growth and progress.

The index that tracks the largest 200 ASX listed stocks (the XJO) closed out 1992 at a value of $1,564. The following 29 years saw incredible progress and at the end of the 2021 Fin Year, the XJO closed out at just over $7,300. If we were to plot that simply on a two-axis price/time graph it would just be a straight line up. But a straight line is misleading. Reality was messier, it was imperfect. Something closer to reality would look something like this graph.

What we see are waves.

We humans grow in waves.

The pattern is clear: Grow, then regress to cement and reinforce, then grow again. This ebb and flow cycle leaves ‘once and done’ style training in the dust. After all, no one is really all that impressed with one hit wonders.

Together, we use this knowledge to build a Change Leadership Program that works best for you and your leadership group.

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To lead change that makes a difference