Valuable Change Isn’t Created Alone.

We help Change Leaders drive Valuable Change.

Drawing from our years of expertise across over $10 Billion in change, we help Change Leaders (like yourself) drive Valuable Change.

If you’re a driven and innovative Change Leader, or if you’re leading a change initiative that is absolutely crucial – there are 3 key areas that you need to get right.

I really like how you simplify, and just focus on what really matters.

Anthea, Project Director, Australian Taxation Office

First, You Need A Strong Change Core

OK, let’s get straight to the heart of the matter. What makes a change valuable?

In short – A Valuable Change is one that solves a key organisational need or desire. It’s truly as simple as that.  The most important factor of success here is the strength and clarity of your Change Core.

Your Change Core represents the 4 most important elements of any change:

  1. WHY – Why Are We Doing It?
  2. SO WHAT – What Does It Mean?
  3. HOW – What Are We Doing?
  4. PROOF – How Will We Prove It?

A strong, clear Change Core

  • Improves your project success rates,
  • Which drives up your return on change investment,
  • While giving you a fast, easy to communicate definition of your project’s success,
  • And prevents you from spending money on bad ideas.
Change Core VC
When I began this project, it was facing some serious headwinds.  However, after working directly with Brendon, in only a short amount of time, we had a clear direction, developed a practical delivery strategy and knew how to prioritise our tasks. It gave me the confidence to successfully carry out our project. This was a real achievement given the turbulent environment we have had to work in.
Karin, Project Executive, Department of Finance

Second, You Must Build and Protect Change Momentum

Momentum Path

Would your change staff be willing to stand at the top of a building and shout glory for their change?

…Or, at the very least, promote your change through the corridors and meeting rooms of your organisation? If not – then you are leaving momentum on the table.

Too often we expect our changes to accelerate – ignoring the potholes in the road in front of us.

High Impact, Valuable Changes get 2 things right:
  1. They create change fanatics, and
  2. They build a better change platform.

With Brendon’s one on one coaching, in just a few months our $9M program went from a 300 line task-list with untold delays to a well oiled machine. Our executive board love the new clarity.

Tanya, Program Manager, Customer Service Transformation

Third, You Must Use Maximum Organisational Leverage to Drive The Change

You can’t create change without your people.

Your people are what provide your change maximum leverage.

High Impact, Valuable Changes know how to answer 2 key questions:
  1. Who are our internal influencers? Hint – if you’re doing it without data, then you’re flying blind.
  2. How do we build the right peer-support structures? Communities are the buzzword of the week, but most fall flat in just a month or two. That doesn’t mean yours has to.

We couldn’t have done this without you. What we did together in 2 weeks would have taken us 6 months.

Tom, Enterprise Portfolio Management Office, WA Department of Finance

We help Change Leaders drive Valuable Change.

The good news for you is that we have literally written the book on Valuable Change.

Valuable Change Book

The good news for you is that we have literally written the book on Valuable Change.


  • Building a strong Change Core, to
  • Generating Change Momentum, to
  • Better leveraging your organisation.

We Can Help.

Not only that, but it’s never too late to shift to truly Valuable Change. Whether your change is 3 days old or 3 years old, these three areas will create huge boosts in your change’s effectiveness and ultimate R.O.I.

Working with the Valuable Change Co. means drawing on both our >$10 Billion in change experience, as well as the latest research in persuasion, behaviour, psychology, networks and more. Plus, to ensure our engagements produce results, all are tailored specifically to meet both your most important priorities and your most pressing needs.

Valuable Change Book

Together, we will cultivate the right attitudes, cultures and processes that will ensure the change initiatives under your lead drive real value. (Oh, and it’ll make your life easier too!)

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