A Quick Thought…

Thanks to Spotify’s curated playlists, I have been listening to a bunch of music from my youth. They call it ‘Throwback Thursday’. Although it’s been years since I’ve last heard many of these tunes, each are still just as familiar as years ago – the neural pathways are still there. The effect it has on me hasn’t changed either – I’m sitting here bopping away to it.

Too often we look for the latest, cutting edge thing to keep our (shortening) attention spans occupied. New theories, new tech, new science, new approaches.

But how often did we have something very good that we just let slip and drop away?

Jim Collins outlined the key elements to get from ‘Good to Great’, but as a friend of mine, Noah Fleming, often points out – we need to get to good first!

These ‘forgotten elements’ are often the secret to getting back to good. We get too caught up in the ‘advanced’ and lose sight of the basics.

So this week I’m suggesting a twist to the typical ‘Throwback Thursday’ – consider what elements you achieved success with that you no longer do. Why did you stop them? Was it simply a loss of novelty or perhaps they were lost in the pursuit of the new?

Challenge Action:

Pick one area that you used to do well, that you are now struggling in.

What changed? What did you used to do, that you stopped?

Give the basics a shot again, you will be pleasantly surprised.