Secrets to PMO Success

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Is Your PMO Cursed To Fail? 85% of PMOs fail within the first 2 years - is yours destined for the same fate?

Why does your PMO exist? A Guide to getting to the right level of Clarity on your PMO's purpose, which underpins your ultimate PMO Success.

A High Value PMO is one that knows who it serves, and even more importantly, what their clients need. Here's how to get there.

PMOs often suffer from poor process adherence. The good news is the reason behind it and the fix are insanely simple.

Developing the right PMO service offering (i.e. your processes) is simple. It's just 2 steps.

You can’t deliver success on your own. Your team is the backbone to your success. How do you ensure they are committed and giving their best?

A crucial element of your PMO's ultimate success is its ability to rally key influencers to your cause. But how do we find them?

An effective community ensures ongoing growth and relevance for any PMO.  So how do we build one that doesn’t fall apart after just 2 weeks?!

This mistake is lethal. Avoid it at all costs, or say goodbye to any semblance of usefulness in your PMO.

Our PMOs to operate as an internal monopolies. This means we are susceptible to the extremes of dictatorship and benevolence.

PMO Stagnation isn’t a surprise to anyone… that is of course until it sneaks up on you.Thankfully we have a counter to stagnation: Learning

Contrary to popular belief, Fear is truly destroying PMOs - The scariest thing is fear can debilitate your PMO in just 3 steps!

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Creating High Value PMOs

Creating High Value PMOs

Your Essential Guide

Is Your PMO Cursed To Fail?

Is A Red-Tape Free PMO Even Possible?

Have you ever stopped and considered how deep the PMO graveyard in your organisation is? …3 deep? 5? More?

The multi-million dollar question is: Are you doing anything different?

Or is your PMO cursed to fail too?

Almost every organisation has tried at least once to build a functioning and sustainable Project, Program or Portfolio Management Office …And almost every organisation has failed.

Well, I have dug up the skeletons, avoided the zombies, aired out the tombs, outrun the boulders and uncovered the common cause of PMO death. Want to know what I found?

The PMOs Were Worthless!

But all isn’t lost. What if I said that you could reverse the trend? Could you be the hero who pulls the sword from the stone and stops the curse?

Let this guide be the Merlin to your King Arthur. It contains everything you will need to finally break the cycle (while showing everyone else, once again, that you can achieve the impossible).

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