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    Is your PMO cursed to fail? Is it stuck in the Governance Trap? What if I said that you could reverse the trend? Could you be the hero who pulls the sword from the stone and stops the PMO curse? Could you be the one that builds a Red-Tape Free PMO? Let this guide be the Merlin to your King Arthur. It contains everything you will need to finally break the cycle (while showing everyone else, once again, that you can achieve the impossible).
  • Valuable Change provides you with what you need to set the best possible course for your change. You will soon be ramping up the return on your projects, turning outcomes into reality, generating untold momentum, and eliminating fluffy paper claims. When you are running valuable change projects, you can say goodbye to: slow project start-ups, unwieldy plans, teams stuck in despair, communities and training that just doesn’t work, and the endless teams of graduates sitting in dark rooms staring at spreadsheets.